Our Team

One benefit of an office team having worked together so many years is the warm,
friendly atmosphere that naturally arises from working with friends. Working every day
in that environment makes providing patients with the best possible care just that much easier...


Shannon at Jilek Family Dentistry


Office Manager

Having been with Dr. Jilek’s dental practice for years, Shannon is one of our most recognizable faces and voices. Always excited to learn something new, Shannon is always looking for ways to help patients feel comfortable with their dental experience.

Her family has grown recently, as two sons were each married. In her spare time, Shannon enjoys a good yard sale and relaxes by painting vintage furniture.

Isabel at Jilek Family Dentistry


Dental Assistant

In addition to dental assisting duties, Isabel is also our go-to “fix-it” person! Her sense of humor helps patients feel relaxed and at ease. Elsewhere in life, she is loving her time in her life doing fun “Grandma Things”.

Shawn at Jilek Family Dentistry



Shawn is a Benton City girl who is another familiar face around our office, happily greeting each patient. She began her dental career as an assistant before moving into the administrative side of the practice.

Outside of work she stays busy watching her granddaughters as they grow and learn.

Tracy at Jilek Family Dentistry


Dental Assistant

Elena is an Othello girl who has been with us for several years. She loves to help make patients feel comfortable with their dental procedures and enjoys watching their smiles grow and brighten! She spends her free time with friends and family, following her favorite baseball team - the Boston Red Sox!

Andrea at Jilek Family Dentistry


Dental Hygienist

Andrea brings a bubbly personality and a happy smile to our practice! We are excited to have her join the Jilek Family team! She is a CBC Graduate who has lived in a lot of places around the country, but really enjoys living here in the Tri-Cities the best. That may have to do with her preferred way to spend her free time: hiking and kayaking!

Angela at Jilek Family Dentistry


Dental Hygienist

Angela graduated from the CBC Dental Hygiene program five years ago, but just recently joined the Jilek Family team. She and her husband (who is also a hygienist) enjoy playing board games with friends and family. She paddleboards as time permits, and recently started snowboarding.


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